DeviLaugh (devilaugh) wrote,

Twitter Picture Jealousy

Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy
Drabble: 905 words
Summary: For reasons to be explained in another sequel, Jaejoong starts taking explicit pictures of his nearly naked body for twitter, but Changmin isn’t fazed by it. Yet.
A/N: Yeah, I really am continuing this verse. I’ve decided it shall be called Breakfast!verse (New to this verse? Read One Time and You're Out for better understanding) because why not? I wanted this one to be about the way Changmin and Jaejoong speak to each other, so I originally wrote it with only dialogue, but I think this change is better. Prompt 52 of the _starcandy challenge.

“What are you doing?” Changmin asked from the doorway.

“Nothing.” But Jaejoong spoke in a sing-song voice, only adding onto the lie that was so painfully obvious.

“At least tell me why you are taking pictures of yourself naked.”

“I’m not naked, I’m wearing a towel.”

“Little slut, wearing a towel and letting it dip low on your hips. Do you like acting like that?”

Jaejoong hummed. “I like the attention.”

“So if I invited people over, you would gladly walk around naked?”

“If that would make you jealous, I would.”

“You infuriate me.”

“Breakfast is on the stove.”

Jaejoong didn’t get a reply because Changmin had already left for his morning treat. He stared at himself in the mirror and pouted his lips, liking the shape but not sure if his hair matched the look. Carefully, Jaejoong flipped his still wet hair in hopes of changing the style. Satisfied, he puckered up and pointed his phone camera at the mirror.


“At least put on some pants. I can see your cute little butt.” Changmin said with a bowl of something from the doorway again.

“I always look fabulous after taking a shower, so I want to capture my image now.” Jaejoong muttered, biting his lips to redden them and add some flare to his face. “Ah, why am I so pale? The lights wash me out.”

“Do you want me to take the picture? I took a photography class in high school.”

Jaejoong waved off the suggestion. “The art of taking a selca is making sure it looks like an amateur took it. And while I trust that your photography skills are not as good at the photographers at a photo shoot, self-cam means self-cam.”

“You’ve had one photo shoot and you think you’re hot stuff.”

“I am hot stuff. That’s what you were saying last night, right?”

“Whatever. Why the nude pics, my love?”

“Gonna put it on twitter.” The nonchalance in Jaejoong’s voice did nothing to prevent Changmin’s shock.

“Twitter? Nude pics on twitter? You’re crazy!” Changmin set his dish on the cabinet and made a grab for Jaejoong’s phone. “What the hell are you thinking?” Changmin almost had the phone, but Jaejoong thrust his hand up in the air, effectively avoiding the taller male when he threw out his hand and smacked him square on the face.

“Stop, I need to tease my fans!” Jaejoong hollered. Changmin wrapped an arm around the model’s skinny waist and reached behind him with his other hand.

“What fans, you’re ad hasn’t even been released yet!” Changmin leaned in closer, his pants rubbing the towel in the perfect way to untie it. The black sheet fell to the ground, exposing Jaejoong’s entire body, but the tussle continued.

“Stop!” Jaejoong shrieked, his voice similar to a child throwing a temper tantrum. “Shim Changmin, unhand me or your breakfast gets it.” Jaejoong, if he could escape his boyfriend’s grasp, was one step away from shoving Changmin’s bowl onto the floor.

Changmin seemed to teleport around Jaejoong and protectively put himself between the naked male and his delicious breakfast. He quickly placed the dish on the other side of the door. Faintly behind him, he heard the sound of shutters and knew that Jaejoong had taken another photo. Changmin sighed, somewhat calmer now that his food was safe.

“Stop being childish, you’ll be a laughing stock on the internet. Have some self-respect.”

“Yah! Why can’t you be a normal boyfriend and just get jealous?” Jaejoong seethed, ruffling his hair once more.

“What normal boyfriend allows his lover to put nude pictures of himself on the internet? Did you hit your head last night? You have really gone crazy.”

“At least it’s not a sex tape!” Jaejoong shouted. With Changmin thoroughly surprised by his words, Jaejoong was able to shove his way past his tall boyfriend and escape into the hallway. His foot made very effective contact with Changmin’s poorly hidden breakfast, and then he stormed away.

He grumpily entered Changmin’s room, locked the door behind him, and started throwing clothes around the room.

“He’ll regret this. He will!” Jaejoong pulled on one of Changmin’s shirts, one that was too small for his shoulders but too long for his body. Then he slipped on a pair of his pink boxers, wiggling his butt in front of the window in hopes of seeing his reflection. But just standing there in the clothing made his skin feel hot, and he tore those clothes off as well. “Ah, I hate things on my body!”

In a huff of fury, Jaejoong pounced on the bed and sprawled his lithe body out, flaunting his torso and long legs.

“I just want him to be jealous. Why do I have such a sensible boyfriend?” Jaejoong whimpered into Changmin’s pillow.

From behind the door, Changmin’s muffled yell caught Jaejoong’s attention. “I’m going out for breakfast, so please come to your senses!” Jaejoong waited until he heard the front door close before he leaped off the bed, pulled on the pink boxers again, and made his way to the kitchen.

“Stupid Changmin who only cares about food. He’ll be jealous somehow.”

In a matter of half an hour, magic had happened, and there was no one there to enjoy the feast the model prepared. Jaejoong picked up a spoon, dipped it in a particularly inviting dish, and posed with food in his most seductive pose.


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Tags: !_starcandy challenge, !prompt writing, breakfast!verse, length: drabble, pairing: changmin/jaejoong
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