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Beauty Icon

Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Length: Oneshot
Summary: Changmin starts to question why Jaejoong is even dating him as attempts to promote the model on campus.
A/N: The frustrations of “I know what I want to happen, but why do I have to write bullshit to get there?” Prompt #4. Definitely need to read Twitter Picture Jealousy (part of the new Breakfast!verse) before this.

“So what happened next?” Yoochun asked as Changmin finished recounting what happened earlier that week. The coffee shop was almost empty because most of the university students in the area had a class, but within the hour, the place would be packed again.

“I made a compromise. He could take a picture of himself shirtless as long as I got the food.”

“You’re unbelievable. I know what you see in him, but what does Jaejoong see in you?”

“My skills in bed?” Changmin guessed. His boyfriend hadn’t really mentioned anything that stood out about him. “All of me?”

Yoochun shook his head sadly. “That means he doesn’t really like you. Jaejoong is a rising star; he could easily leave you for the next sex god. I’d be worried if I was you, man.” Yoochun pat Changmin on the shoulder and left him to restock the coffee filters.

Jaejoong, leave me? For the next guy? What? The whole concept confused Changmin, because really, why would Jaejoong ever leave him? He really couldn’t think of a single reason, but in the process, he couldn’t think of a reason for him to stay either. I’m fairly good looking… but Jaejoong is a model, so he sees handsome people all the time.

By the time Yoochun returned, Changmin was a mental mess.

“What do I do, Yoochun? At this rate, Jaejoong really will dump me!” Changmin practically clambered over the counter and reached for Yoochun in desperation. “I’m hopeless!”

Yoochun whistled and clapped his hands, gently removing Changmin from his person in the process. “The first step is admitting you have a problem. You’re already on the road to recovery.”

“This isn’t funny!” Changmin exclaimed. “It’s not like I have an addiction or something!”

“Oh, don’t you? Are you sure you’re not addicted to food?” Yoochun raised an eyebrow, giving Changmin that knowing look.

“I absolutely hate you right now!” Changmin cried out, slamming his head onto the counter and wailing like a child. “Why won’t you help me?”

The spectacle, as amusing as it was, started disturbing the other patrons of the coffee shop. As it is well known, coffee shops are places that young hipsters visit for free wifi, cool air conditioning, an area to chat with friends, and perhaps coffee if they have money. The atmosphere in such an establishment is very important, yet Changmin’s antics were ruining the sought after calm.

“Changmin, I’ll give you advice if you leave me a decent tip.” Yoochun tapped the tip jar, the sound of change clanging around indicating its purpose.

“Stingy,” Changmin sulked, turning his head away from his stupid friend.

“Me? I am stingy?” Yoochun gasped, flabbergasted. “You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth yet you refuse to tip me every time!”

“What kind of helpful friend asks for money when giving advice? You’re acting like a heartless therapist.”

Yoochun let out a guttural grunt from the back of his throat, not able to handle Changmin’s nonsense any longer. “Listen, we’re having a new promotion that deals with tips. For every thousand Won you donate to the tip jar, you can vote for one icon in our popularity contest. When you vote, write your name and contact info on a slip of paper and put it in our contest box by the window. When the month ends, we are doing a drawing, and the winner gets a free gift card for the coffee shop.”

“I don’t need to waste money on that, I’d rather just buy the coffee.”

“Idiot, this is my advice for you. You’d only win the gift card if you won the drawing and voted for the celebrity who won. What I’m saying is, vote for Jaejoong and help promote him. Once word gets out that he is a model, everyone on campus will be interested in him!” Yoochun shook his head disappointedly. How was this kid even in University?

But Changmin seemed to understand, and his eyes lit up excitedly. He pulled out his wallet and easily conjured up enough money for five hundred votes. Yoochun whimpered as he counted the bills, steadily growing to hate his friend. Changmin, on the other hand, was excitedly filling out five hundred slips of paper in his corner of the shop. Within the hour, model Kim Jaejoong was leading the icon poll and ahead of famous boyband Dongbangshinki, Korea’s national MC, Yoo Jaesuk, star soccer players Kim Junsu and Park Jisung, and even Kanye West for gags.

These efforts were all Changmin had going for him. Why did the wonderful cook and beautiful model, Kim Jaejoong, like him? Their entire relationship revolved around Jaejoong cooking for Changmin and sex. It really seemed like Jaejoong got nothing out of them dating. This revelation worried Changmin for another reason. Somewhere in the back of his head, Changmin was scared that Jaejoong had ulterior motives. Changmin’s financial assuredness was not a well kept secret on campus.

Was Jaejoong using him for his money?

It sure looked like that given what Changmin had just finished spending money on. But it’s not like Jaejoong asked him to do it. But he might have asked him to later. But he might not have.

These thoughts conflicted inside Changmin and really did drive him crazy.

Changmin bought one of the coffee shop’s lunch sets and headed home. Why did he come to the campus’s version of Starbucks when he didn’t have class that day? To consult with his useless friend, that’s why.

The lunch snack didn’t even last the bus ride back to his apartment. Changmin of course did not own a car because he could not drive because his family had a driver when he was growing up. Of course. The problem when Changmin got home was his hunger and Jaejoong nowhere in sight. The desired male was at the modeling agency discussing further career boosting opportunities. Changmin wasn’t too clear on the details, focusing more on the Jaejoong here and now aspect, not the away and famous part.

He inwardly cringed.

What if Jaejoong thought he was insensitive? Normal boyfriends are supportive and interested, but as he had shown so far, Changmin only cared about food. Crap. Jaejoong might really leave him. And as Jaejoong already said, normal boyfriends get jealous if their beloved spreads nude photos of himself on the internet, not over food.

Changmin acted like he wanted to date food instead of Jaejoong!

“I don’t know what is going on anymore!” Changmin whimpered before he almost passed out from hunger. He lay on the floor in his living room and stared blankly at the wall. In times like these, he wished his still stocked his fridge with takeout and leftovers. “Jae,” he moaned, sounding like a weeping ghost.

Then his savior, his beautiful angel, his magnificent lover unlocked his front door and wandered in. Oh how overjoyed Changmin was to see Jae’s fluttery black hair, gigantic eyes, huge shoulders which led into his weirdly trapezoidal frame, and lovely white legs that led him into the living room where Changmin continued to whither away from malnourishment.

“Oh praise the flying spaghetti monster, you’re back!”

Jaejoong meeped when he saw Changmin strewn across the floor. The tall one said nothing more to answer the question in his eyes. Instead, they shared a very long stare. The model, feeling very self conscious, held up a bag awkwardly to hide his face. “I bought pizza. Want to eat it now?”

The question was pointless though. Changmin immediately leaped up and launched himself to Jaejoong. He enveloped the model in a probably twig crushing hug. A new hunger overcame him, and his chose to feast upon Jaejoong’s lips. He tasted like unflavored lip balm, but the soft texture of his lips was satisfying enough. Changmin nibbled and licked, mostly nibbled, until Jaejoong dropped the bag.

Jaejoong leaned back and laughed as if a dog was happy to see him. “I get it, you were hungry, so let me go.” Changmin only shook his head and hugged him tighter.

“You know I really like you, right? Not just because you feed me. I even support your endeavors. I spent a whole bunch of money so everyone on campus would know about you, so don’t leave me for some hot underwear model!” Changmin stuffed his face into Jaejoong’s chest, acting like a child hiding a parent’s scolding.

His boyfriend continued to chuckle and leaned in to stroke his head. “You’re so silly. I would never date an underwear model. Also, there is no need to spend all that money on me. I can promote my cola commercial on my blog and twitter.”

Changmin lifted his head. “Blog?”

“Yeah, blog. That’s how I was scouted in the first place. Someone saw my ulzzang blog and then asked me to join their agency. A few months later, I was flown to Thailand to film my first commercial. You know the rest of the story.”

“What?” Changmin’s mouth gaped open.

Jaejoong scratched his head bashfully. “I guess you could say the school already saw me as a beauty icon. In fact, I was really shocked when we first officially met and you drunkenly told me I was ugly and needed plastic surgery.”

Changmin’s jaw only dropped lower.

“That’s perhaps why I was so keen to keep you. I like the chase, as they say.”

The horrified Changmin sank to his knees. Ah, this conniving beauty weaseled his way into his heart even after he broke Changmin’s number one rule. For what? Because why? Changmin was even more confused now. The assurance that Jaejoong wasn’t going to leave him for an easier catch wasn’t really assurance at all.

So Jaejoong really did have twitter fans? And he really was just teasing them?

Why did he spend all his money again?

Tags: !_starcandy challenge, !prompt writing, breakfast!verse, length: oneshot, pairing: changmin/jaejoong
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