DeviLaugh (devilaugh) wrote,

Drowning and Free Falling

Pairing: Changmin/Jaejoong
Rating: PG-13
Genre: I’m so bad at this
Drabble: 627 words
Summary: To Changmin, the struggles of school feel like free falling and drowning. And the motions of sitting in class and trying to pay attention are as hard as seeing through thick fog.
A/N: I've basically had this whole thing complete and just never posted it. I have a whole bunch of drabble and oneshots like this, so during my break I will work to complete as many as possible! Prompt #46 for the starcandy challenge.

History is just “remember this day, remember this person, remember why, never forget this tragedy.” It’s like falling and all he has to do is survive the lessons. Just listen. Just fall and learn. The problem isn’t his memory; it’s his ability to focus. In class he is sitting in a fog and cannot see. He cannot hear. He cannot learn. If he could only fall cleanly and hear the words his teacher drones out. He just free falls and the words swirl around him, confusing him. He can’t make sense of any of it.

Attempting to solve equations in the early morning hours is the same as wearing a ball and chain while sinking to the bottom of the ocean. He just needs to swim and maneuver with this weight. Use the right method and his head will get above the water. Changmin hates math. He always feels like he is drowning. He has to grab the right water and pull it with all his strength, but he still struggles to make any headway. He keeps sinking, hoping to reach the right lifeline and solve the problems. But his head is a fog and he can’t see the right path to reach the surface.

“Changmin, do you understand?” A voice whispers in his ear.

Ah, I don’t understand.

He shakes his head, clearing his thoughts, and turns to see the owner of the voice. Teacher Kim Jaejoong smirks and continues walking down the row of desks, running his fingers along the table tops.

“Pay attention to what I say and choose the matching picture in your work books. Scenario one…” English class is like living in a fantasy, one where the teacher is a prince and Changmin is a lowly servant who is willing to do absolutely anything for his beloved. Every new word he learns makes his thoughts stray and the clouds fill up his eyes.

“‘The student goes to sleep at one in the morning.’ I’ll repeat, ‘the student goes to sleep at one in the morning.’ Everyone choose their answer. Alright, scenario four. This is the last one, listen closely, the test will be like this.” Kim Songsaengnim returns to his podium and leans his body over it, pulling Changmin into another daze.

“Listen closely, ‘That boy kissed his teacher.’ Again, ‘that boy kissed his teacher.’ Changmin do you understand? Call me prince. Kiss me.” Clouds fill the room and Kim Jaejoong is a God, an Adonis that burns the eyes of mere mortals, but Changmin can handle it. “Come my little god, come to me. Come for me.”

If math is like drowning and history is like free falling, English class must be like dying happily. Changmin feels peaceful and content when Kim Jaejoong comes to collect the class’s workbooks and leans over his desk enough that his shirt reveals his collar bones. Changmin can only stare as his prince, his god, walks away.

Ah, all I can see is a fog.

Teacher Kim returns to the front of the classroom, his cheeks a rosy pink for some reason. He gave a cursory glance at his wristwatch and faced the class. “Eh –as you know, this test is very important to those of you wishing to join our school English writing contest. Those that score a 90 or above will be recommended for the contest, a further national competition, and a scholarship. Study hard! And Shim Changmin, see me after class.”

Changmin spends every day lost in a fog, free falling and drowning, but Kim Jaejoong always brings him back to life. Everyone else is on break and pays them no attention, together in the literary conference room. The Adonis gives Changmin the kiss of life, and he is able to soar.

Sequel: Promise me when I die
Tags: !_starcandy challenge, !prompt writing, length: drabble, pairing: changmin/jaejoong
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