DeviLaugh (devilaugh) wrote,

Return to Ruin

Pairing: Jaejoong/Changmin… ish
Rating: PG-13
Genre: fantasy?
Word count: 500 exactly
Summary: Jaejoong has watched his children war against each other, and his last child finally returns to his embrace.
A/N: I’ll be back with more roommates!verse later, I simply wanted to write about prompt #5 Ruin.

This house is where he raised his children.
Now sand filled the rooms and blocked the doors.
Dirt coated the walls and ate away the paint.
Wood rotted and shriveled away in the wind.
There was no sign of life.

Jaejoong left this place for them.
His sons and daughters, all meant for greatness.
Some rose, others fell, some never had a chance.
They lived in the sky.
They lived in the oceans.
They lived on the land.
They were small.
They were large.
His children, all of them, beautiful.

The best child, Changmin.
The most precious.
The most intelligent.
The most attractive.
The most caring.
The most hateful.
The most destructive.
The most prodigal.

In this house, Jaejoong watched his children grow.
He lent a gentle hand to his favorites.
He punished his least loved.
Benevolent, malevolent.
That’s how his child referred to him.
But all the children accepted their imperfect father.
All except Changmin.

He killed his brothers and sisters, one by one.
He killed the weak.
He killed the strong.
He killed the harmless.
He killed the dangerous.
He killed himself slowly.
He killed himself quickly.
He killed everything.

Jaejoong gave everything to his children.
Changmin took it all away.
He plundered from his siblings.
He took their homes and their livelihoods.
Changmin tried to give it all back.
He made efforts to rebuild.
He protested and prayed.
The debt could not be repaid.

Of all of Jaejoong’s children, Changmin was the best.
The most aware, he knew when he failed.
He loathed himself and despaired.
“Why, father, why do I do these things!”
Benevolent, malevolent.
That is how Jaejoong referred to him.
But Jaejoong accepted his imperfect son.
But the other children did not.

What could they do?
Changmin was smarter.
Changmin was stronger.
He could find allies as quick as he made enemies.
To Changmin, the entire world was his enemy.
Even himself.

Jaejoong watched in this house his children leave him.
One by one, they weakly lost.
Their dominant brother won.
And he won savagely.
He won the right to live and prosper.
So he flaunted his right.

So arrogant, he knew he was better than his siblings.
So envious, he wanted all that was theirs.
So hungry, he never cared for their starving.
So lazy, he never helped with their suffering.
So angry, he hated to be wronged.

Why was this child so fickle?
Destroying, regretting.
Creating, breaking.
Benevolent, malevolent.

Jaejoong waited for his last child to come back.
All were dead but one, his favorite.
He waited for Changmin to toil away.
To give up the struggle.
To accept his fate.
To burn that last spark of hope.
To peacefully return.

Changmin entered the ruined home.
He saw the broken interior but felt no pain.
He lay in the sand and let the wind cover him up.
Jaejoong embraced his missing child.
Gently, Changmin fell asleep, comforted by his father’s protection.
This life was up.
All the children were gone.
Benevolent, malevolent.

Tags: !_starcandy challenge, !prompt writing, length: drabble, pairing: changmin/jaejoong

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